Getting a Dual Extrusion Model for Printing

Step 1. For this tutorial, we will search Thingiverse for a suitable model for printing with Dual Extrusion. Searching “Dual” in the search box on the upper right side should do the trick here. Step 2. From the search results, we will use a pretty popular model – the Low-Poly Pikachu by FLOWALISTIK. Step 3. […]

Setting up Cura for Atom Dual Extrusion

Step 1. First off, you will need to download Cura 15.04.6. Go to the Official Cura Website and click the link which says “View all versions” in the bottom left area. Step 2. Next, under your respective operating system (using Windows here as an example), look the link for Version: 15.04.6 and download the installer. From […]

The Number One Asset of Designers and Engineers

“Just Remember these words… FIRE AND FORGET.” Dave Beardsley, doesn’t mess around. He heads up Google’s ATAP SkunkWorks model shop where production hits up to 3,400 parts per month on a number of different machines. This is as pro as it gets. A wide variety of projects and parts, and a 3D printer (or other […]

The Next Five Years of 3D Printing

This article appeared originally on 3D Printing Industry. By Mike Galvez, International Marketing Manager at Layer One   In 2009 the RepRap era began with the expiration of the FDM patent, triggering an explosion of low-cost 3D printers from hundreds of manufacturers. Today those machines have become increasingly accurate and reliable, but perhaps due to […]